Revolutionising the landscape of food on wheels!

Breaking restaurant rules with food on wheels!

The city has experienced a sudden influx of the food truck concept, one can easily spot a growing fleet of vehicles around the city serving high-end, gourmet fare—and changing the lunchtime landscape.

The latest food invasion in the city has been done by a new generation of food trucks that have hit the streets. Their owners include highly trained chefs and well-known restaurateurs.

At a time when consumers are cutting back on restaurant spending, food trucks serving inexpensive lunches and snacks have become easier sell to diners.
Conceptualised with the aim to ease the life of busy office workers, so that they are able to leave their desk, grab a bite, and get back to work in minutes rather than the traditional hour. These food trucks are a lower overhead way to serve more customers more food more quickly.

Having devout following, these guys have also started to mark their presence on social handles as well.

While changing the perspective of people who tend to think street food is not good, and not hygienic. This new breed of food truck owners are aggressively gourmet and tech-savvy. Their meals generally cost less than comparable sit-down restaurant fare.

The food-truck craze which is the fixture on the Gurgoan culinary scene has now started to draw people in large numbers. The hipster sheen has adorned the gourmet food trucks, especially at the corporate campuses and other areas where full-service restaurants aren’t available. For these food machines offer something that is always appealing, “Convenience”.

These food trucks that are eventually taking over the food scene in Gurgoan by serving every kind of gourmet comfort food.

Breaking the rules with quirky menus and fully-equipped kitchens on board, featuring some of the best bites. These food trucks draw hungry college-goers and office workers.

A name that has given street food a serious makeover and was born sheer out owners love for cooking is ‘Drifters Cafe’. The crux of this food truck is South-East Asian meals which are worth every penny. The menu features, Thai curry, momos, spring rolls and their signature corn cakes here.

This modern-version of the Indian-Chinese van that has been inspired by caravans that line the streets of Thailand has caught up the taste buds of city foodies and soon plans to spread its reach.

This new age food vendor, ‘Drifters Cafe’, is a cool combination of informality, creativity and quality. The owners of this restaurant on wheel, Ankur Gupta and Saumitra Suryavanshi are transforming the idea of street food, by using restaurant-grade ingredients, technique and technology.

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