The trend of food trucks has caught up the pulse of Gurgoan, which is lapping up food on the go that is being served out of flashy trucks kitted with fancy kitchens.

However, if you want to see what eating in Gurgoan is like, beyond the gold-plated bistros and the bottle-service clubs, then you could pull yourself to sector 29 market, behind Mainland China and watch the stretch of asphalt fill with long queues of hungry people. All lined up to enjoy restaurant food quality at mean prices.

They, and probably you, have been summoned here by a social media blast from the Drifters Cafe food truck, a retrofitted catering van serving famous for super economical Pan South Asian cuisines that come from cross-cultural inclusiveness of the owners Ankur Gupta and Saumitra Suryavanshi.

The Drifters Cafe food truck represents mobility to the city that worships mobility; it is a vehicle for traversing lines of race, class and ethnicity; besides selling exotic yet economical food it sells a social experience, for caters to the taste buds of corporate office employees, students and families.

The vibrant food truck culture which was earlier limited to the cities like Los Angles and Chicago has now even gripped the Delhi NCR region foodies’ appetite.  As now in the evenings one can easily spot these mean machines open up with smoke and sizzle around the city.

Whether it’s a lunch break from office, or grabbing a bite after college, or on the way back from work, these shiny steel kitchens dish out economical food.

One of the biggest reasons for these new incubators of culinary innovation (food trucks) phenomenon exploding in the city is due to finances being shaky. For even the modest big-city restaurant spaces involve multi-crores build-outs.

Hence when consumers have wearied of giant chains but still demand food that is novel, inexpensive and fast, that is where these food trucks come in for they serve quality food at economical prices.

This intersection between food and wheels has driven culture in the NCR Region, where initially food vendors were narrowly defined for ice cream and just fast food.

While the Food truck popularity has exploded capturing the attention of consumers and entrepreneurs. One of the biggest reasons for their growth is that they offer an alternative for both business owners and consumers leading increasingly on-the-go lifestyles, food truck vendors’ benefit from their ability to more easily reach new customers bases while customers benefit from increased variety.

This rise in the culture of food truck clearly points out that food truck vendors aren’t planning on going away they are here to stay for long.

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